Sunday, February 24, 2019


Brigg school swimming in the 1960s - open air pool

Seeing this picture circa 1965 of pupils enjoying Brigg County Primary School's newly-built swimming pool will bring back memories for those who attended the seat of elementary learning on Glebe Road.
Pupils were invited to take along weekly contributions (sixpence or a shilling) which were collected class by class on Monday mornings.
Eventually, with other fundraising, sufficient money was raised for the pool and changing rooms to be installed.
Built in the school garden on the Grammar School Road side of the site, the facility operated during the summer holidays as well as during term time. However, the absence of a roof limited the swimming season.
The pool was well heated, but a nasty shock was in store for male pupils who passed the 11+ exam and joined the ranks at Brigg Grammar.
For until 1969 its pool was only heated by the rays of the sun. Not too bad during rare June or July heatwaves - but swimming continued well into September!

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