Thursday, February 07, 2019


If someone had stopped us in Brigg and asked for directions to Musilova Theatre Arts we'd have been stumped to give the correct answer, despite 30 playing seasons with the town's cricket club! We hope the proprietor will pardon our ignorance.
We spotted the centre (pictured above) during a recent walk down Atherton Way, which is otherwise well known for its commercial units, light industry and Brigg Primary School.
Musilova formerly ran as the Wendy Foster Theatre School from 1987, we have now discovered.
It reopened in August 2018 at Musilova Theatre Arts and says it trains students to the highest standards in all areas of theatre arts, dancing, acting and singing. Clearly this passed us by.  View further details through this link...
We were in a Brigg shop a few weeks ago and heard a customer asking where a young family member could go for theatre training classes in Brigg. The answer given was to try down Atherton Way, which set us thinking.
Those wanting to learn more can email/call the Principal - Tel 07434 943682.
Decades ago, Joan Dodd, of St Helen's Road, offered theatre classes in Brigg, we seem to recall. Her husband Edward (Ted) was a renowned reporter/news editor with the Lincolnshire Times at 57 Wrawby Street, and also wrote to acclaimed books about Brigg.