Tuesday, February 12, 2019


A steam-hauled excursion at Barnetby station in 2011 - picture by Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

People from Brigg and Barnetby have booked tickets on a number of nostalgic 'vintage' trains over the past 20 years.
Another excursion is coming up - run by West Coast Railways - and will be picking up passengers at Barnetby station.
It will be pulled by a diesel engine while in Lincolnshire, but the latter section from Hellified along the famous and very scenic Settle & Carlisle line will be hauled by a preserved steam loco - the highlight of the day for most passengers.
After a two-hour stop in Carlisle, the train will return with steam in charge as far as Hellified before a diesel takes over.
We gather that Appleby (in Cumbria, not North Lincolnshire!) will be the water stop point for the loco.
The Settle to Carlisle Thunderer will run on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, departing From Cleethorpes and picking up in Grimsby, Habrough, Barnetby, Scunthorpe and Thorne.
"Our steam engine will be put to the test as it tackles the steep gradients and twisting route," the organisers say.
Prices start from £79 (standard class) and you can view full details with booking information, through this link...
Alternatively, call 0844 850 3137 (Monday to Friday).
Exactly which steam loco will be used has yet to be revealed; Brigg Blog will let you know when that's confirmed.
We've been on several steam-hauled runs across the Settle & Carlisle line down the years, and it's a glorious route when the sun is shining and a steam loco is at the head of the train.
Pictured above: A steam-hauled excursion at Barnetby station in 2011.

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