Thursday, February 28, 2019



The Kumon Brigg Study Centre in St Mary’s Church Hall on Barnard Avenue has been helping local children grow in confidence as well as improving their maths and English skills for over 20 years. 
Children from all over North Lincolnshire attend the centre, which is open after school on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons, and on Saturday mornings.  (Children attend for between 30 and 60 minutes once or twice a week.)  Because the centre’s now registered with Ofsted, they can now accept childcare vouchers - and parents who receive benefits such as Universal Credit can now claim back up to 85% of their children’s Kumon fees each month, which could make it as cheap as just £9 per subject per month!
In order to give local parents and children a chance to find out how Kumon works and to see how Kumon’s personalised study programmes can help any child of any age and any ability level shine, they’re offering a two-week free trial until the end of March.
To book a free assessment or for more information, call Darren Burton (the Centre Manager) on 01652 802123, email or search for “Kumon Brigg Study Centre” on Facebook and send them a message.
With thanks to Darren for the update and providing the accompanying pictures.
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