Friday, February 01, 2019



The pink is often followed by a red in snooker, and Brigg Blog recently s-potted something in town that reminded us of this indoor sport.
The post box at the junction of St Helens Road and Kings Avenue was painted pink when we walked by, which is unusual, so we took the picture seen above.
But when we returned later that afternoon, the familiar post box red colour had returned.
It's good to see postal bosses refurbishing traditional boxes in an era when there are many fewer letters written because of email and social media messaging between friends and family.
Are other pillar boxes in the town also being repainted?
Some folk in Brigg still remember the town's snooker club - a licensed facility mentioned to us only recently, and with some fondness.
It occupied part of the extensive former Layne's Garage that was a feature of Bigby Street from 1914 into the 1970s.

For a time Brigg Snooker Club had a football team which played in one of the Scunthorpe Leagues.

When Brigg Snooker Club was still on Bigby Street


Ken Harrison said...

A bit of 'istory, Nigel.
In the early Victorian age, the standard colour of pillar boxes was green.
Red became the colour during the period 1870-80ish.
This would roughly be the time when the Brigg Log Boat was discovered...

Ken Harrison said...

Talking about pink, Nige old lad.
There's been a complete gender-colour muddle!
With Royal children it was customary to dress boys with pink trimmings and princesses with trims of light blue.
Kings were often dressed/depicted in Royal red, while Queens in blue from the notion of purity and the Virgin Mary.
Subsequently, princes are subordinate to a king and couldn't be dressed in red, so pink was chosen to indicate their status...and princesses consequently in light blue.
However, during the 1910/1920s the it became fashionable for us ordinary folks to follow this colour-gender preference...but we got it mixed-up and ended up with the reverse colour scheme that we have today....
Anyway, it takes a man to wear pink!

Ken Harrison said... must have been super-fast drying 'wet paint' signs..methinks the goblins did it overnight!

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