Monday, February 11, 2019


Opening day at  the Sweet Memories shop on Wrawby Street, Brigg - February 2019

Saturday was one of those lazy windy days where the wind would rather go through than around you, writes Ken Harrison of Brigg Matters Magazine.
Nevertheless. the old camera never shuts down and remained clicking to create a montage of folk out and about Brigg on a very windy Saturday (February 9). So windy, it was nearly blown into Sunday...

Pictured above: Brigg lady, Pat Taylor, one of the first customers, buys £2 worth of large liquorice torpedoes (hubby's favourite) from Tasha Andrew, in the newly opened Sweet Memories retro sweetie shop. Pat put a special order in for that old favourite, Spanish Tobacco, and will roll-up when it arrives.

Parris Watson and staff at the Deli Diner in Brigg - February 2019

There nothing like Parris in the spring-time with his Deli Diner counter-attacking staff!

Steve doing the spadework in a garden - with a fork.

Inside the Lindsey Lodge charity shop in Brigg town centre - February 2019

A menagerie of assorted £10:99 lovable weighty door-stop creatures in the Lindsey Lodge Charity shop. Naturally trained to open doors. Feeding not necessary.


Brigg Pet Shop on Wrawby Street - February 2019

Bev, from the Pet Shop, is inclined to take a rest, while taking a peek of what's happening outside in the human world. The Pet Shop offers good leads, doggie treats and has a big leaning towards pet foods.....apparently, bird-seed has been known to go cheap!


Councillor Penny Smith - long-serving volunteer at the Oxfam Book Shop in Brigg - February 2019

Penny for your thoughts... Penny Smith in the Oxfam Bookshop. Penny said that she has now been an Oxfam volunteer for over 30 years. Obviously, voluntary work is a big chapter in Penny's life. Meanwhile, she takes a break until she is paged to assist about the shop. 'I will continue volunteering, until I come to a full-stop.' Penny asserted.


Jill and Kate debate Brigg architectural ambience (true) and general family and social matters during an encounter in Wrawby Street.


Proprietor Clair Smith outside her Hidden Garden flower shop in Brigg - February 2019

Hidden Garden flower girl, Clair, kept making a note and coining the phrase that she was on the way to the bank before the stalking camera turned up. Anyway, she was happy to pose and the picture looks blooming good.


Staff at the College Yard Cafe in Brigg town centre - February 2019

It was easy taking a photo of Clarissa (centre) and her assistants at College Yard Café - they just filtered into line; it was a piece of cake. When the chips are down, the café also offers a variety of mains and snackables - all served with lashings of smiles and gravy, but not the puddings - with apple pie and cream, real, or ice, being a favourite.

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Ken Harrison said...

Am I gender-biased, or are wimmen folk naturally drawn to me?
3 guys (if you include the lad behind Pat Taylor) and 13 ladies.
It must be my magnetism!