Saturday, February 23, 2019


World famous steam locomotive Flying Scotsman at Barnetby station in 1968

Trainspotters from Brigg and much further afield joined the crowds at Barnetby station in September 1968 to see the world's most famous steam loco, Flying Scotsman.
The iconic engine stopped in Barnetby for about 15 minutes, and people crowded the platforms to see it at closed quarters.
Barnetby's water tower, used to replenish engines, was still standing in 1968 - two years after steam traction disappeared from North Lincolnshire.
The tower can be seen on the right of our picture.
LCCB - on the engine's smokebox - indicates the organisers of the special excursion that brought the famous loco to Lincolnshire.
The Locomotive Club of Great Britain ran The East Riding Limited Rail Tour.
It started at London's King's Cross station and headed north through Peterborough, then followed the East Lincolnshire Line (to be closed in 1970) via Boston and Louth to Grimsby.
From Grimsby Town station the train journeyed to Barnetby, then through Scunthorpe to Hull, before heading via Goole to Doncaster.
The east coast mainline through Retfore and Peterborough took the train back to London.

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