Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Information about the old Hope Inn - in Brigg Market Place - has kindly been provided by Josie Webb, the well-known local historian and BASH group founder.
Brigg Blog recently ran a picture showing the Hope Inn next to the Woolpack and asked whether any followers of our site knew when the Hope Inn closed.
Josie tells us this inn opened in the late 1700s and fronted a yard named after it - Hope Yard.
In 1826 Jonathan Spring was the landlord, and three years later the yard's name changed again to Spring"s Yard.
In 1849 William Walker was the landlord, and the yard changed name again to Quipp's Lane after the bakery that operated there. It contiuned into the early 20th century.
Finally, the yard became Market Lane because of the access to the cattle market from the Market Place.
Josie adds: "The Hope Inn was used by fishermen angling on the River Ancholme; they would call after a long day's fishing for a ham tea and a pint before making their way home,
"The Hope Inn ceased trading in the mid-1920s."
The picture seen here probably dates from that period.