Thursday, February 28, 2019


Purple crocus flowers are now evident at various locations in Brigg as part of an initiative to eradicate a disease worldwide.
At the weekend Brigg Blog took these pictures of Purple4Polio flowers on East Park (near the Tintab shelter), in a tub on Wrawby Street and adjoining the Tesco store. But there are others at a range of locations.
In recent years The Rotary Club of Brigg has been urging us to go Purple4Polio to create a polio-free world.
It works with local schools, businesses, councils, groups and residents to plant purple crocus corms in the autumn to sprout into life in spring.
The initiative not only raises much-needed funds but also public awareness about eradicating polio.
Purple represents the colour of the dye which is placed on the little finger of a child on mass immunisation days when millions of children in many countries are protected against the disease.
In 1985 when the Rotary movement pledged to eradicate polio there were over 10,000 cases being reported weekly.  Since then there has been a huge reduction.
For more information, visit and see the Purple4Polio information. 

Purple4Polio campain crocus flowers in Brigg - February 2019 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

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