Friday, February 15, 2019


A busy scene on platform one at Brigg railway station - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg railway station will rejoin the national passenger train network tomorrow (Saturday, February 16).
Units - operated by the Northern company - will be stopping in Brigg for the first time since last August when an industrial dispute began.
The RMT union has now suspended action in a dispute about whether guard/conductors should continue to be deployed on Northern trains.
Northern says:  "From Saturday Feb 16, we are pleased to confirm that we will be running a full Saturday timetable."
The Brigg line only sees trains between Sheffield and Cleethorpes on Saturdays - three in each direction. It will be good to see them stopping once again.

However, Brigg Blog gathers this Saturday's trains may be running a little late.
There could be delays of five to 10 minutes due to 5mph speed restrictions being in place at Northorpe and Brigg level crossings.
If so, the connection Brigg passengers need to make at Barnetby station to board the 0939 train to Lincoln Central will be tight.
However, the 0952 TransPennine train from Barnetby to Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Meadowhall, Sheffield & Manchester will be achieveable for travellers from Brigg.

If you plan to visit Grimsby or Cleethorpes this Saturday, the timetabled departure time from Brigg is 9.19pm for the first morning train.
The next departs at 1.21pm, leaving plenty of time to get to Blundell Park for Grimsby Town's home game with Cheltenham, if you are a football fan.
The last train back leaves Cleethorpes at 7.17pm and Grimsby Town station at 7.24pm, getting to Brigg at 7.48pm.
Sadly, Brigg-Cleethorpes trains do not call at New Clee, which is nearer to the football ground than Cleethorpes station.


Amaya Nicole said...
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Amaya Nicole said...
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Amaya Nicole said...
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Paul said...

Feedback on social media seems to be but tomorrow will be a very popular day sadly due to the new timetable there are vital connections missed for people coming up on the Robin Hood line changing at Worksop for the Brigg line.

The present train operator has confirmed to the department for transport that they have no intentions of running this service anymore.

Consultation has gone in therefore asking that they are removed and that the department for transport find a suitable replacement.

David Barrett said...

If, as the BL Group's correspondent points out, Arriva have no intention of operating what it has been contracted at the taxpayers expense to operate is true then surely it would be correct for the DfT to remove this company from the picture altogether and appoint some undertaking who will observe their contracted obligations, otherwise compel Arriva shut up and get on with it. The forthcoming extension of the local Sheffield to Retford stopping services to Gainsborough Central in May must surely make the section from the latter station towards Cleethorpes one of the most easily tackled extensions of an existing train service that could be wished for by any operator. Unfortunately, with Arriva sitting pretty in Gainsborough another company attempting to provide anything else towards Cleethorpes would most likely find it even more difficult if not impossible to step into the breech - talk about wanting cake and eating it. None of this comes as any great surprise though, and it becomes all too apparent why there was jubilation in Wales when Arriva finally moved out a few months ago.