Thursday, June 03, 2021


A suggestion that Brigg Town Council might now consider painting seating on East Park black to match the new colour of the four benches within the nearby Tintab (Tin Tabernacle) shelter was made during the authority's recent annual meeting.
The Tintab refurbishment has been completed, with the panels changed from green to a shade of blue recommended for this 'heritage' structure within the conservation area.
A new plaque inside the Tintab now explains its generous donation to the town circa 1930 by benefactor Coun David Lambert Andrew, ex-policeman and a guardian of the Brigg Workhouse which stood on the other side of the main road.
Another plaque carries a Biblical reference to Tabernacle as a place of refuge "from storm and from rain." (Isiah 4:6).
East Park's public seats, pictured here at the weekend, are currently green - in line with the former colour scheme. So will they be repainted? This may be considered at a future meeting.
Coun Jane Kitching also asked her colleagues at the AGM to be thinking about how Brigg plans to mark Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum (70th) Jubilee as reigning monarch in June 2022.
Local commemorations will be discussed at a future meeting of the Town Council - perhaps the next, later this month.
Already in the pipeline and relevant to the Jubilee will be the installation of a tall metal beacon on the earth mound in the centre of the Millennium Green, off Elwes Street.

PICTURED: The blue Tintab with black benches, and the currently green public seats nearby on East Park.