Friday, June 11, 2021




Brigg is getting double 'green' value at one of its largest areas of public open space.
Following the planting of well over 100 saplings on the field off York Road several months ago as part of a worthy initiative to help the environment, the grass immediately surrounding these mature trees of the future is now off limits to the council contractor cutting the grass nearby.
This is resulting in Mother Nature taking charge of the area between the saplings, with wild flowers beginning to appear - creating opportunities for many insects to visit, including pollinating bees.


As time passes we can expect further 'wilding' of the land within the three large circular areas of saplings located on different parts of York Road field.
There's still plenty of space available to walkers, dog-exercisers and children wishing to play ball games.
Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s when many new properties were being built in this part of Brigg, the council designated the field off York Road as the site for a new school.
However, this project failed to proceed and the land has continued to be an area of public open space for more than 40 years. The new primary school was eventually built off Atherton Way.