Wednesday, June 02, 2021


A campaign aiming to get more people to use passenger trains serving Brigg railway station has now been stepped up.
Diesel units allow people living elsewhere in northern Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire to come and spend a day in Brigg.
They connect our town with Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Barnetby, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Gainsborough, Retford, Worksop and Sheffield.
The Independent Brigg Line Rail Group (IBLRG) says it has "managed to crowdfund for the printing of 100 A4-size timetable posters, which include a section at the bottom about visiting Brigg by train."
The group is now asking shops, businesses and community hubs along the line to get in touch if they are willing to display posters in their windows or on community notice boards.
Those wishing to help are being asked to email their details to so supplies can be sent to them in the near future.
Three trains in each direction are timetabled to call at Brigg station on Saturdays. If, for any reason, a particular train cannot run, a substitute bus service operates.
Sheffield to Cleethorpes services arrive here at 9.13am, 1.10pm and 4.56pm; those heading for Sheffield get into platform two at 11.47am, 3.43pm and 7.48pm.
"Spend a few hours or more exploring the wonderful market town of Brigg," the IBLRG is urging people living along the line through its latest posters.
People from Retford and Grimsby can get a RETURN train ticket to Brigg for not much more than a tenner!
The IBLRG is pleased to be "promoting Brigg's unique one-day-a-week, Saturday-only, train service."
Once people arrive at Brigg station from other destinations, they can pick up handy leaflets outlining what the town has to offer, courtesy of the Brigg Town Business Partnership - supplies being available from metal post-mounted boxes, including one (pictured top left) near the end of Station Road, outside Hewson House.
With Brigg's varied shops, pubs and eateries now open again after lockdown, it's hoped many people living in other towns along the iconic Brigg line will see the IBLRG posters over the coming weeks and decide to make Saturday trips - our monthly farmers' markets (pictured top right) likely to prove a particular draw.


One of the new posters encouraging people to take the train to Brigg on Saturdays.