Tuesday, June 08, 2021


A new Brigg convenience gets a mention in the current issue of a glossy national magazine - Rail.
The illustrated article suggests that a "solar-powered toilet" near the signalbox beside the level crossing on the A1084 "has got the locals talking." It quotes information provided by the Independent Brigg Line Rail Group.
We should make it clear that this facility (with panels on its roof) is there for the convenience of railway staff; it is NOT open to the general public, despite the sign (pictured above) saying it's a Communal Toilet.
Brigg Blog was informed about the installation of the eco-friendly facility a few weeks ago, and our source suggested that while out and about on our travels across the town we should picture the facility, which is located on Network Rail land. We did so from the pavement on Westrum Lane... on the other side of the boundary fencing.
For safety reasons there's a stiff fine in prospect for non-compliance with warning notices about trespassing on railway land or property.
Track workers carry out essential and routine maintenance along the iconic Brigg line as and required, and signallers are on duty whenever trains are running. This toilet is for their convenience and has a keypad on the door.
When a box-like WC was installed in Scunthorpe town centre many years ago for public use, locals soon dubbed it The Tardis after Doctor Who's time-travelling machine.
North Lincolnshire Council provides and maintains two blocks of conventional WCs in Brigg - on East Park (near the Monument) and on Cary Lane.
Perhaps solar power is the future for public WCs in the 21st century?


The latest issue of Rail magazine features the article about the Brigg convenience.