Monday, February 27, 2017


Further to our recent post about plans to install a Go Ape adventure play facility at Normanby Park, Brigg Blog wonders whether there might be a case for extending an existing bus service so folk from our area without access to a car could get there.
We are talking about the Hornsby No 4 bus service from Brigg, Broughton, Ashby and Scunthorpe, which currently terminates at Lysaght's Enterprise Park, on the edge of the steel town.
It wouldn't add much distance if certain No 4 buses were routed via Normanby Park at times of peak demand for Go Ape - notably the warmer months of the year.
We should stress that Go Ape is only a plan at the moment. Details have yet to be finalised and planning permission will need to be sorted.


Friends of the Brigg Line said...

Sadly when dealing with the said bus company they don't seem to be very pro active, a trip into the Brigg Tourist Information centre proves this as all their timetables are photocopied.

david martin said...

I do agree that bus route 4 should be extended but where I would extend it would be at the Brigg end of the route . What needs to happen is that where at the moment the no.4 bus go`s round the monument then back on its self but what would be better if it continued up the A18 to Wrawby dropping of people on the way up to Wrawby then down Tunnel Road where there are bus stop`s already in place to pick up or drop off people because now there are more people living in this area (with a lot of chatter about even more houses being built soon) and how many of these people would like to be able to get one bus to and from Scunthorpe ether for work or shopping which would mean that people with young children and the elderly without transport could get into Scunthorpe and back a lot quicker and easier and also people with cars would not need to take there car to get into Scunthorpe for work or shopping. This would mean less cars going through Brigg and less pollution (ever bit helps) at the bottom of Tunnel Road the bus could turn left onto Barton Road and a bus stop pick up and drop off could be placed half way along the inhabited part of Barton Road and then at the end of Barton Road turn right back onto the A18 into Brigg and on it`s way this would extend the route mileage by approximately 2 miles and may be 5 minutes in time.