Saturday, February 11, 2017


North Lincolnshire Council has made its position clear over drivers who contravene the rules in Brigg by taking vehicles into the pedestrianised town centre. The authority  will issue fines and says that wardens make regular patrols.
One morning recently we saw TWO contraventions within the space of a few minutes.
One of the drivers progressed along Wrawby Street, went into a shop to buy a snack, consumed it while sitting at the wheel and then drove along Wrawby Street and down Queen Street. 
So Brigg Blog thought we'd ask North Lincolnshire Council - the highway authority - for clarification. We also requested details of how many fixed penalty notices were issued last year for contraventions of the rules relating to the pedestrian area.
A spokesman for the authority replied: "Unfortunately the council has no powers to stop people who are driving through this area without stopping, as that is a matter for the police. However, our community wardens patrol Brigg town centre every day of the week and we will issue fines to those parked in the pedestrian zone who are not loading."
"Because of the way we record penalty charge notices (fines) issued, we cannot easily say exactly how many were issued for contravening the rules of the pedestrian area in Brigg last year. 
"Fortunately, we believe there to be few isolated incidents of people flouting the rules, and not a large scale problem."
BRIGG BLOG ADDS: Road signs on the approach to the pedestrian area make it clear that vehicles are not permitted, expect for loading.
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