Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The instructions included on this Brigg road sign could hardly be clearer, in our view.
Yet many drivers choose to ignore the restrictions and continue along Cary Lane  beyond the turning circle and into the town centre's Pedestrian Zone, which is meant for shoppers on foot.
The sign says no vehicles except permit holders and for loading. (Note the word: loading)
The blue circle with the red diagonal line means no waiting at any time.
We were pleased to see a North Lincolnshire Council community warden on duty in Brigg town centre the other day.
However, the council has been unable to tell us how many motorists were hit with cash penalties during 2016 for contravening the regulations.
The wardens can't deal with moving vehicles - that's a job for the police. But you don't see many of them on foot patrol in the pedestrian area.
So the years come and go and no-one gets to grips with the issue of drivers flouting the regulations.
We've heard that one pedestrian who complained to a driver in the pedestrian area was told to mind his own business, in no uncertain terms.
We wouldn't suggest anyone tries to take the law into their own hands. But that course of action is hardly surprising. It gets annoying for pedestrians when they are expected to step aside to let vehicles go past.
North Lincolnshire Council's recent statement to Brigg Blog on this issue concluded by saying: "Fortunately, we believe there to be a few isolated incidents of people flouting the rules" and described it as "not a large scale problem."
Make your own mind up on this one, Brigg Blog followers.