Monday, February 06, 2017



A talking point in Brigg on Saturday night was the appearance of a police constable on patrol.
His presence was noted by a number of people old enough to remember the era when Sergeant Triffitt and Sergeant Burns, based at Brigg police station, did the late evening rounds of town pubs on a regular basis.
Their "softly, softly" approach was a way of showing landlords and punters that the police were out and about, keeping an eye on things.
There was rarely any trouble but it sent out the message: We are watching.
Whether the visit of the constable on Saturday night was a one-off or something we can expect to see repeated remains to be seen.
We saw him passing through the Britannia to check all was well and he was also spotted further down Wrawby Street.
Brigg police station on Barnard Avenue, which opened in the late 1970s, is no longer a base for neighbourhood officers, but what matters to the public is seeing officers from the Humberside force in the town, regardless of where they clock on and off for duty. The term used today is "a visible presence."
Resources mean the thin blue line is spread pretty thinly these days so hats, or helmets, off to Saturday evening's welcome deployment. 
Evening all!