Thursday, February 09, 2017


While our large and distinctive Monument war memorial in Brigg is not far short of its 100th anniversary, neighbouring Scawby has a new one.
Last year, Scawby Parish Council successfully applied to North Lincolnshire Council for permission to erect a war memorial on Church Street.
Brigg Blog walked by the other day and took this picture.
In its application for planning approval, the Parish Council said: "Throughout the First World War Centenary 2014-2018, organisations across the UK are working together on a programme of recording, research, conservation and listing that ensures War Memorials across Britain are protected and the people they commemorate are remembered. 
"Providing new memorials is part of this project which helps people gain greater understanding of the past. Scawby Parish Council want to be part of this programme by providing a focal point within an area for quiet thought, reflection and contemplation. 
"The war memorial provided by Scawby Parish Council will not only commemorate those who lost their lives in the First and  Second World Wars but will also be symbolic of those brave men who have lost their lives in more  recent conflicts and the modern design of this memorial recognises this fact. 
"The war memorial provided by the Parish Council is intended to complement the plaque situated  within the Church which lists the names of the fallen. The intention is that residents and visitors can view both memorials - being situated within a very short walk from each other."

A close-up of part of the Brigg Monument war memorial - by Ken Harrison

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