Thursday, February 16, 2017


Brigg Blog has held back from commenting on the forthcoming closure of one of our town centre banks - until now.
The Market Place branch of HSBC - pictured above - will close at 2.30pm on June 23, 2017.
A notice in the window apologises for any inconvenience this will cause and reminds customers that they can use online banking with HSBC. 
Customers are also informed that they can download HSBC's banking App at
Or, more tellingly perhaps, that they can access selected services at the nearest Post Office at 8 Wrawby Street.
Brigg Blog reckons that big banks who close branches in smaller towns across the country  should consider the position carefully. For much of this country's wealth is now said to be in the hands of those aged 55+
Some seniors do not have the internet, mobile phones or sufficient knowledge of how these work to be confident with a downloaded App.
If existing banks keep closing branches in areas where the Post Office can offer alternative services, will some disgruntled bank customers respond by closing accounts and moving their money to the Post Office which continues to offer a local counter service?
Many older members of the community have used the same bank for decades.
But despite these people showing loyalty to their bank over many years, their reward is to be told that their local branch is closing.
It's an obvious fact that many younger people prefer to use mobiles and the web to run their bank accounts. But which age group has the most cash on deposit?