Thursday, July 24, 2014


Take care after you have driven round the turning circle at the end of Cary Lane, Brigg, and headed off towards Spring’s Parade.
There are cracks and potholes in need of attention on the approach road, as these pictures show.
Whether the status of the road permits North Lincolnshire Council, as the highway authority, to take any action we aren’t sure. But a bit of filling-in would be welcome by way of temporary repair.
The location is just a few yards from Tesco but outside the store’s fenced-off boundary. 
The concrete road surface here takes quite a hammering from the high volume of shoppers’ cars and the many lorries which park up overnight in the former Lidl store parking area.

The location of the potholes and cracks means that a car driver can avoid them  if he/she is careful. If not, there’s a danger of dipping a wheel.
As time goes on we can only imagine things getting worse. Especially later in the year when snow and ice arrive. In the middle of heatwave we are sorry to reminder you of what's to come.


Ken Harrison said...

Obviously those are on Tesco land....but there is a potentially nasty pot-hole just in the entrance of the Old Courts car-park. A concrete block wobbles about in an elongated eroded hole....methinks I should inform HM Nigel Sherwood - Highway Supremo ..

Ken Harrison said...

I don't think Tesco believe that they own the road Springs Way.
Without Springs Way, the car-parking and the old Lidl's premises would be worthless as there would be no vehicular access.
My understanding is that the road was constructed by Jackson-Grandways when the supermarket firm built their supermarket on the old Springs site in the late 70's.
The road - essentially concrete, was not adopted by Humberside CC and remained the property of JG's.
JG sold-out to Lidl's and Lidl'e sold-out to Tesco.
For some time Tesco have been confused about the ownership of the road....and the Council have muddied the water by painting unenforceable yellow lines to deter HGV parking along the edge of the road.....and has also erected 3 concrete bollards to stop HGV'S mounting the pavement. (2 bollards are now destroyed)..
When Tesco planned to build a new store, Tesco were planning to erect its main entrance at junction between Springs Way and Carey Lane - not the sort of thing one could do if one didn't already own the land.
Another confusion occurs with the now withdrawn plans; there is a distinctive red line which appears to show the extent of Tesco ownership - in fact, the red line demonstrates the area in which new development would take place and not the boundary of Tesco-owned land. For example, the red line also encompassed the traffic lights and X-roads at Carey Lane/Barnard Ave - obviously, not owned by Tesco, but Tesco, in cooperation with NLCC were going to improve the traffic light system at the junction.
The Tesco manager believes Springs Way is owned by NLCC - indeed, he said that the Tesco official boundary guy was on site today (Thursday) and indicated that Tesco boundary ended with the wooden fence.
There needs to clarity on who owns Springs Way.
No-one with any commonsense would purchase the old Lidl's store without first establishing the ownership of the access road - Springs Way. NLCC don't own it and Tesco seem to reject it....
If not, I'll buy it and make it into a toll road charging folks to travel along it so that they can shop in Springs Parade and etc.

Ken Harrison said...

Sorry to bore you folks further - but related to the above is so-called verge on the southern aspect of Springs Way.
My understanding is that about 8' in from the kerb and continuous along the southern aspect of the road should be a verge belonging and with responsibility to the Council.
In the 1970's and later, the now defunct Smith Parkinson garage applied to erect a gate-post to their rear access and were informed that it had to avoid the Council 8' wide verge.....they were also informed that they could/should not put cars on the Councils verge, which they were trying to sell.
When Grimley Smith refurbished the site, the boundary encompassed the alleged verge..and no-one seems have done anything about it.
The area is a mess and is calling out for improvement, but the apparent encroachment of GS onto the verge exacerbates, to the detriment to the public, any ideas for improvement...