Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This interesting picture was not taken at some remote spot in South America as the presence of alpacas might suggest.
The location was not far from Brigg and the photographer a former Brigg Town cricketer.
Dennis Allison recorded the tranquil scene on Grasby Lane, near Caistor.
He was a notable left-arm fast bowler who had a season with Brigg in the 1970s but is better known for his many years with the Caistor club.
Dennis is known to one and all in local sport as Wes - the Christian name being shared with West Indies pace ace Wes Hall.

One of his Brigg Town team-mates in the 1970s was Brian Parker (pictured above), a current member of Brigg Town Council. Brian was a batsman, though, and also went on to play for Caistor.
We came past the Britannia Inn, Brigg, last night (Monday) and through the window observed what looked like a meeting of Brigg Town Cricket Club taking place.
Not long now until the players begin a new season in the Lincolnshire County Cricket League.

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