Thursday, February 02, 2017


It's heartening to see Brigg Hockey Club is back playing its home games in the town following the New Year launch of the floodlit "Blue Astro" pitch at the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road.
Hired all-weather pitches in Scunthorpe, and even Lincoln, have had to be used for many years since the sport phased out the use of grass for league fixtures, in favour of synthetic surfaces.
We often see Brigg hockey players in hostelries on Saturday nights, and one of them, Phil Dewfall, who is now a senior member, surprised us with a recent comment that he has just played his very first game of hockey in Brigg, despite being a club member for something like 15 years!
That gives an indication of just how long Brigg hockey players - men and women - have had to wait for a pitch in town.
Indeed, the first approach to councillors to get one built came 30 years ago.
Phil turned out in a few games of grass hockey away from home, but by the time he started playing for Brigg the club had switched all home games to out-of-town venues so he never sampled the delights of grass games on the big front pitch at the Rec, closest to Wrawby Road.
Prior to matches, someone was handed a shovel and told to go round and clean up after dogs whose owners had allowed them to commit fouls on the hallowed turf.
Thankfully, synthetic hockey pitches are all fenced so there's no danger of this happening to today's players.

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