Tuesday, March 10, 2020


The best-known 'lady' in Brigg has left the town - temporarily - but she will be winging her way back in due course!
The wooden Angel statue - usually perched on the front of North Lincolnshire Council's landmark building in the Market Place - lost one of her wings during strong winds last August.
It has taken some time but the damaged carving has now been taken down to undergo specialist repair.
The 'missing' wing has been a talking point in the town ever since that fateful bank holiday in mid-2019 when it came to ground on the pavement below. Fortunately, no-one was passing by at the time.
We recently observed a group of people in the Market Place, staring up at the damaged Angel and asking questions about the date of its refurbishment.
The new issue of Brigg Matters magazine (Spring 2020) includes an interesting and illustrated feature about 'Brigg's Fallen Angel' - having spoken to a local sculptor and wood carver.
"At the time of writing, O. Howard Boyd still awaits permission from the council to proceed with the repairs," Brigg Matters explains.
Since that edition went to press, the Angel has been taken from her lofty vantage point, to return (fully restored) on a date still to be notified.
Having got into the habit (since August) of glancing up at the damaged Angel whenever we pass through the Market Place, Brigg Blog will continue to do so over the coming weeks until we can report the statue is back in place... with both wings.

PICTURED: Above - How things look today - the frontage with statue removed;  below - the Angel without her left wing and (earlier) before suffering damage and losing her limb.

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