Saturday, March 21, 2020


With the government urging against people gathering together, Brigg worshippers are being invited to take part in a ground-breaking service tomorrow (Sunday) without having to meet up on church premises during the Coronavirus emergency.
The following details have been circulated by Malcolm Bailey, pictured....

You are invited to Sunday morning worship…with a difference! This will be led by Kate Marr at 10.30am this Sunday 22nd, but will be online!
The circuit is looking at a number of ways that we can use the internet to restore acts of worship, bible study, prayer groups, fellowship and maybe even coffee mornings! Along with many other churches we are looking to use a software product called ZOOM to enable us to do this. This product allows us to ‘meet’ together and both hear and, if you wish, see each other!
The basic package of ZOOM is free. The first thing to do is register yourself as a user. For PC owners then go to and for ipad users then I understand you go to the Apple store and download the ZOOM app.
Once that you have signed up in this way then all you have to do to join any future event is to go back into ZOOM and request to Enter a Meeting. To do this you will then need to type in a Meeting ID code which is unique to that service. For this Sundays service, 10.30am, the ID Code is 853 557 211. You can join a few minutes beforehand (and take your seat in the congregation J ) so we are ready to start at 10.30am.  Kate will lead the service: the words of the hymns will appear on your screen and Mary will be playing.  (We do have a capacity of 100 people but we’ll see what the demand is and if it happens to be higher (!!) we can upgrade for next time).
However, because this is a new way of doing things I’ve also set up a meeting on Saturday afternoon so that if you wish to sign up to Zoom and give it a go before Sunday morning then you can do that as a trial. This trial meeting is at 2-3pm on Saturday. The ID Code for this Trial on Saturday at 2pm is 904 502 756. This is very much optional and you can just dip in and then out again anytime during that period to test your system and I will be at the other end. You won’t be signing up to a 1 hour meeting.
So we are hoping that this Sunday morning worship is only the start. The ambition is to build up a diary of events that look like your normal time of fellowship and we hope to circulate all the events each week so you’ll receive further information about this as we get up and running. Three quick things to finish with:-
We fully recognise that not everyone has access to IT facilities and as a church we need to find other ways of continually including these folk in our fellowship and support networks. One suggestion is that we pray for 5 folk a day and maybe we should pray particularly for those that cannot join in with this particular venture
We are learning as we go along, so if there are any hitches please bear with us!
Exciting times. Please include this service, and all its newness, in your prayers.

God Bless!

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