Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Regular litter-picking sessions by volunteers are held in Brigg - and the Town Council and the North Lincolnshire authority both work to try and keep the town tidy by collecting discarded items. However, their efforts are not helped by people who insist on dumping rubbish.
Pictured here are examples of  'deposits' made beside (not IN) the litter bin adjacent the footpath at the entry to the town's main car park on Old Courts Road. 
We are reliably informed: "At least a couple of times a week there's 1-3 bags of household rubbish (always including cat food boxes) dumped beside the bin, on the ground."

Someone who has been annoyed by this repeated litter-leaving sent us these images.
Litter incidents can be reported to North Lincolnshire Council using this link...
Meanwhile, recycling initiatives continue in Brigg and we are pleased to report the continuation of a small, but valued, improvement on the edge of the Old Courts Road car park.
People who took the trouble to bag up surplus cans and take them to the large recycling bin often used to find that the top was locked, presenting them with the lengthy, and often messy, task of feeding many cans - one or two at a time - through the circular holes provided on the top.
Brigg Blog suggested some months ago that North Lincolnshire Council should keep this large bin unlocked, to encourage bulk recycling.
We've made many visits since then and on every occasion it's just been a case of lifting the bin lid and tipping in the contents.

The dustbin sack(s) that contained the tin cans can then be disposed of in one of the general litter bins nearby.
Going forward, when the time comes for North Lincolnshire Council to replace its faithful paper and can & glass recycling boxes, we suggest much larger versions should be purchased, to encourage households to recycle.
Not everyone is able to make a car journey or walk to a recycling centre to deposit items once they've filled the bins provided.
The authorities need to make recycling as easy as possible for households.