Wednesday, November 07, 2018


A new house can be built in Brigg near the A18, North Lincolnshire Council has decided.
Brigg Town Council had objected to the property being given the go ahead.
However, the unitary authority has granted planning permission to erect a detached two-storey dwelling on land adjacent to Cemetery Lodge, 30 Wrawby Road.
The successful application was submitted by Daniel Smith.
Brigg Town Council objected to the application for the following reasons:
"Being three storeys (with dormer windows) the design is not in keeping with the surrounding area.
"There are concerns with the entrance/exit opposite from the recreation ground and the proximity to the bus stop.
"There is no existing dropped kerb.
"The replacement of the hedge with fencing is not felt acceptable."

However, a detailed report prepared by North Lincolnshire Council staff for the planning committee of elected councillors recommended approval.
The report said: "It  is not  considered  that  the  proposal  would  result  in  loss  of  privacy  to  neighbouring properties as the majority of upper floor windows overlook the parking/driveway area to the  front or the private garden to the rear. A single upper floor side-facing window is proposed but this is to be obscure glazed and is a small window serving a landing. A 1.8 metre high fence is proposed to separate the proposed plot from the existing Cemetery Lodge which is recommended to be secured by condition prior to the occupation of the dwelling.
"Due to the siting of the property and its separation distances to the existing neighbouring properties, it is not considered the proposal would result in a significant loss of light.
"The site is to be served be a new driveway and parking area with access off Wrawby Road. The proposed parking area could provide space for two vehicles and the ability to turn.
"The highways team has been consulted and has raised no objection on highway safety grounds in relation to the siting of the  access.  It  is  therefore  considered  there  is  sufficient  distance  between  the  proposed access  and  the  bus  stop  (opposite  the  existing  Cemetery  Lodge  access).  It  is  not considered  that  the  single  dwelling  access  would  interfere  with  the  recreation  access directly opposite to the northern side of Wrawby Road. Highways has advised a number of conditions  which  are  considered  to  be  reasonable  and  necessary  to  ensure  that  the development does not adversely affect the safe operation of the highway."
In a supporting statement sent to planners, Mr Smith, the applicant, said: "There are a small number of mature trees within the site, one of  which is in close proximity to the proposed vehicular access point. 

"These trees are in good condition and are to be retained. Adequate protection of the trees will be provided during the construction phase. Root growth will  not  be  affected  by the  development,  with  the  foundations  for  the  new  dwelling  being sufficiently far away as not to affect stability of the trees." 
He added: "The  proposed  dwelling  design  has  considered  existing  characteristics  of  the  adjacent properties in the area, particularly 32-38 Wrawby Road. All materials will be in keeping these properties which will allow the new dwelling to blend in. "

PICTURED ABOVE: A view from Wrawby Road looking towards the site of the new property that has now gained approval.  It will be "2m back from the face of 32 Wrawby Road, seen on the left."  BELOW: Cemetery Lodge - one of Brigg's most distinctive properties.

Cemetery Lodge - one of Brigg's most distinctive properties - pictured on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog in 2018