Thursday, November 22, 2018


Important proposals are in hand to change the speed limit on a busy approach road to Brigg.
The suggested changes come from Lincolnshire County Council, following what it calls a comprehensive study.
One of the aims is to reduce the speed of traffic along the A1084 Bigby High Road at the turn-off/entrance to the new housing development and outside Brigg Garden Centre.
This will be achieved by cutting the speed limit to 40mph.
The maximum speed permitted between the Kettleby railway bridge and Caistor, via Grasby Top, will also be reduced to 50mph under the proposals.
Here's what's planned, as outlined by the county council:

  • The introduction of a 40mph speed limit from the current 30mph speed limit in Brigg eastwards beyond Brigg Garden Centre.
  • A new 50mph speed limit that will extend from the existing 50mph speed limit east of the railway line to the end of the proposed 40mph speed limit north of Caistor.
  • An extension of the existing 40mph speed limit in Caistor northwards to the end of the present 50mph speed limit.
Brigg Town Council has been informed by the neighbouring highway authority, and December 14 set as the deadline for comments on these proposals.
On a number of occasions in the past, Brigg Blog has suggested road safety improvements for the stretch of road near Brigg Garden Centre and the new housing development.
A couple of weeks ago we walked to and from the popular centre to do some shopping and this reminded us of the potential difficulties faced by pedestrians crossing the road with vehicles approaching at speed.
We'd have welcomed a pelican crossing or even a traffic island, but a reduced speed limit to 40mph is definitely a step in the right direction.
The lower limit will also help drivers exiting Brigg Garden Centre.
So we see this as a positive and welcome move by Lincolnshire County Council.
Bigby High Road at this point falls within the area covered by the Lincolnshire authority, being beyond the border with North Lincolnshire.

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