Thursday, November 01, 2018


An X4 bus waiting on Cary Lane, Brigg, when the service was launched in summer 2018. Picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg Blog is suggesting a few tweaks are applied to local public transport,  to make it more integrated.
This call follows a trip we made from Brigg to Barnetby earlier this week.
Catching the first X4 Hornsby bus of the morning in Brigg, we arrived at the stop on Kings Road, Barnetby, to find the train we hoped to catch to Grimsby pulling out of the station.
The bus is timed to arrive at almost the same time as the train departs.
Couldn't this bus or the train from Lincoln to Grimsby via Barnetby run five minutes later to allow the public to make this connection?
We know we are not alone in being inconvenienced by this, and integrated public transport is what we need.
Having said that, the Hornsby company is to be congratulated on its X4  service that links Humberside Airport, Barnetby, Wrawby and Brigg with Scunthorpe.
This was introduced in the summer and runs directly from Brigg to the steel town's bus station, the only stop being Lakeside Retail Park at Ashby (cutting out the long diversions via Broughton and Ashby which are still served by the traditional No 4 route).
The good people of Wrawby get a good service.
X4 buses to and from Brigg do not follow the A18 up the hill through the village but make a detour along Tunnel Road and Barton Road.
Having made a number of journeys between Barnetby and Brigg, we've only seen a couple of people getting on or off at either of the stops on Tunnel Road.
One of these is quite close to Wrawby's main bus stop on the A18, near the church and Vicarage Motors.
Had the X4 followed the direct route along the A18 from Brigg through Wrawby, we might just have caught our train to Grimsby earlier this week.
Not that we are suggesting the residents of Tunnel Road should lose their access to public transport but we do suggest the bus and train times might amended slightly to benefit the travelling public. Just a few minutes here and there would make all the difference.
Perhaps someone senior at the council could have a word in the right ears.
While standing at the Cemetery Road stop in Brigg to catch the first X4 of the day to Barnetby on Monday, a large mini-bus that had dropped off Sir John Nelthorpe School pupils on Wrawby Road came past us heading in the Wrawby direction.
It was displaying a 'Not in Service' headboard and left us wondering whether more school buses might be opened up to the general public.
Some do pick up non-students, but clearly not all.

PICTURED: An X4 bus waiting on Cary Lane, Brigg, when the service was launched in summer 2018.


smiler said...

the 10.30 has the best connection with a 10 min to get to station otherwise it's a 20 - 30 min wait. getting back is worse with 2 mins to get to the bus stop as the stop at the station is no longer used.

Paul said...

The Grimsby to Lincoln trains cannot be returned as these units for other services.

It's all down to local bus companies retiming their services however as we are well aware Lincolnshire comes out top for incompetence when it comes to an integrated transport system.

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