Monday, November 12, 2018


What's going to happen to the land once occupied by Brigg school buildings that have now been demolished?
Surplus to requirements, the buildings - on Redcombe Lane - were removed when the big new new Vale Academy was completed with an entrance off Atherton Way.
The buildings were erected in the mid-1950s as Glanford Secondary Modern School, later called Brigg Secondary.
In the 1970s, this merged with the former Westmoor School, off Grammar School Road, to create the Vale of Ancholme Comprehensive.

Despite many months passing since the land became vacant, no-one has submitted a planning application proposing a change of use for the sizeable site on Redcombe Lane.
Perhaps it will remain like this for some, or many, years. But there is demand for development land in Brigg.
After Brigg County Primary School, on Glebe Road, was replaced by the new build on Atherton Way, the land was used to create a housing development.

Gateposts and  sections of brick wall are all that remain of the former seat of learning today, as these pictures show.

Vacant land off Redcombe Lane, Brigg

A photo taken in 2011 of part of the main entrance to the school on Redcombe Lane, Brigg - image on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
A photo taken in 2011 showing part of the main entrance to the school on Redcombe Lane, Brigg.
The impressive new Vale Academy, off Atherton Way, Brigg - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The impressive new Vale Academy, off Atherton Way, Brigg.


Ken Harrison said...

As an academy, the school, I understand, now own the site.
I have already asked the Council to remove the school entrance zig-zags on the road outside this entrance; I have seen the local civil parking staff in this area and if someone happens to park on these now non-effective markings they could potentially be fined.

Andyroo said...

As for selling the land there are severe national restrictions under law against selling playing fields brought about I believe by councils in cities selling the land for profit as housing areas (in part to attract new pupils due to falling numbers) and suddenly having no space left for sports etc.

I think it would be better to invest in the land as a decent school level athletics arena for the region and other schools share the funding.

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