Friday, September 14, 2018


There were a couple of surprises in store for Brigg Blog when we recently used the new X4 express service provided by Scunthorpe company Hornsby.
Townsfolk can board one of the 'X' buses in Cary Lane and enjoy a speedy and direct service to the centre of the steel town along the A18,  without touring streets in Broughton and Ashby.
However, after getting off a train from Lincoln in Barnetby we were pleasantly surprised to find that, after leaving Humberside Airport at Kirmington, the X4 service travels through the railway village.
So we were able to board it at the stop on Kings Road - just a short walk from the station.
Our second surprise arrived as the Brigg-bound bus reached Wrawby.
Rather than continue along the A18, it took a right turn at the church and travelled along Tunnel Road (without picking up any customers) and then up Barton Road to rejoin the main road at the junction near Brickyard Lane.
This detour added to the journey time. But a later check with the official timetable showed that Tunnel Road, Wrawby, is on the X4 route.
However, that's a small point relating to what we see as a super additional service for those who rely on public transport.
Service 4 continues to run via Wressle, Broughton and Ashby.
So for much of the week there's a bus linking Scunthorpe and Brigg every half-hour - in both directions, and the X4 takes only 25 minutes to make the journey.

In the past, Brigg Blog has used the Call Connect dial-a-bus and the Wolds Villager to get to and from Barnetby railway station, plus the 450 Brigg-Barton service. However, that involved  getting off at the A18 near Gallows Wood and walking down the hill into the village.

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