Monday, September 17, 2018



We are hoping that local businesses  will help us in eradicating polio forever. Back in 1985 Rotary Clubs worldwide made a pledge to eradicate polio. In those days there were 10,000 cases being reported weekly in 112 countries. In July 2018 there have been only 44 cases reported in three countries. Our goal is so close. In previous years local businesses have been very generous in buying crocuses and we hope that this support will continue this year. You can choose to plant them your selves or we will plant them on October 27 when we will have a large community planting day. 10 purple crocuses cost one pound. ALL monies raised will be spent on buying polio vaccinations with the Bill Gates Foundation doubling up any monies that we raise so that £1 becomes £3 which buys 15 vaccinations.
You can help in three ways;
1. Become a polio champion by buying some crocuses and getting orders from anyone else you know! For those businesses buying at least 100 crocuses we will plant a plaque when they flower in late February acknowledging your generous support. A picture of the ones we used last year is enclosed.
2. Help us by volunteering to plant crocuses that Local Councils and businesses have bought, on Saturday, October 27, around Brigg and local villages. You may have seen them on the verges for the past two years. We will be planting in the morning starting at 10am and in the afternoon from 1.30pm. Meeting points to be notified nearer the time.
3. Please contact us by or emailing  or phoning 07519 330432 or by popping into Brigg Tourist Centre (at the Buttercross) and leaving your contact details.
The crocuses are purple because when we go into the villages to vaccinate the children before we leave we get all the children to come together and ask them to put their hands in the air so that we can see who we have missed.
We really hope that you will support us and be part of history in the making so that polio is eradicated forever. Best wishes.
Chris Darlington is the Foundation Team Leader with the Rotary Club of Brigg.

PICTURED: Chris Darlington, left, and Coun Brian Parker, right, a fellow Rotarian, with pupils and staff of Brigg Primary School in March 2017. Coun Parker is this year's Deputy Brigg Town Mayor.

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