Saturday, September 29, 2018


Dealing with or deterring cyclists and drivers who ignore the restrictions and enter Brigg town centre's pedestrian area IS being treated as a priority issue by the authorities.
That was made clear by Coun Rob Waltham, the leader of North Lincolnshire Council, during Brigg Town Council's latest monthly meeting.
The issue was raised during Public Question Time by a concerned resident, who went along to complain at length about the number of vehicles encountered in the town centre and  cyclists travelling at speed. Not only did these people pose an accident risk to shoppers, but the practice "reflects badly on Brigg" in the eyes of visitors.
He called for action to be taken against the culprits. Making an example of them would deter others, he argued.
Coun Penny Smith read from the minutes of a recent meeting of the Brigg & Wolds Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT), which is a body tackling crime, with police and local authority members.
The minute Coun Smith read suggested this issue in Brigg town centre was being REMOVED from the priority list.
However, Coun Waltham said he chaired that meeting and  the minute, as read, was incorrect.
"This IS a priority," he stressed, saying the issue was one for North Lincolnshire Council and the police. He would "take it up" but some people's attitudes to the pedestrian area needed to change.
Coun Mike Campion said he had almost been knocked over by cyclists in the town centre and felt there was a need to "tighten up" on this problem. Would better signage help?
He also noted an "annoying number of delivery vans" in the pedestrian area.
But Coun Waltham pointed out that some shops had no other way of receiving deliveries.
Coun Chris Dyson said drivers holding blue badges thought they were permitted to drive through the pedestrian area, but this was not the case.

N.F ADDS: Mention was also made of a council leaflet produced many years ago when the pedestrian zone was introduced, setting out the restrictions in detail. Would re-circulating the contents prove beneficial? Brigg Blog has highlighted this issue many times over many years. Our view is in line with that of the member of the public who prompted the latest debate: The authorities should make an example of some errant drivers and cyclists. Once a few have had to cough up cash, word will soon get round and it will deter others.