Saturday, September 08, 2018


Earlier this summer, roads on the St Helen's housing estate in Brigg were given a new top surface by North Lincolnshire Council, the local highways authority.
This was something that was long overdue and welcome, as the old surface, pitted with cracks and holes at various locations, was what they call life-expired.
But many residents of these streets have been wondering for some weeks when the final part of the project would arrive - painting road markings on top of the new chippings.
Brigg Blog is pleased to report this is now being carried out, to be followed (once completed) by the removal of  many temporary 'no road markings'  signs put up across the estate to warn drivers.

The picture above shows newly painted lines where King's Avenue joins St Helen's Road. Another worthy council project involves replacing Brigg's old-style street lights with the LED variety.
Many parts of the town already have their new lamps, but St Helen's Road is still waiting to go fully LED.
The light pictured below - one of the old style - has been permanently on, day and night, for many weeks.
The main advantage of LED lights is they use  less electricity, resulting in a saving to the public purse.
But how much longer will it be before this light, and others along St Helen's Road, are replaced?
There's another about 100 yards away - on the same side of the street - that has been 'out' for some weeks. It is also one of the old variety and awaiting an upgrade.

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