Sunday, September 23, 2018


A well-known store on the outskirts of Brigg has been granted permission to retain advertisement signs already in place.
Located just over the border on Scawby Road, Scawby Brook, DFS sought advertisement consent to retain four internally-illuminated fascia signs and one non-illuminated three-sided totem sign at its store, which is within Broughton parish.
The company's submission to North Lincolnshire Council planners said: "The fascia signs on the front elevation have been updated in line with the current corporate DFS branding, specifically replacing the 'thought bubble' with the heart logo and changing the strap-line. This also applies to the existing totem signage at the entrance. This is a retrospective application, as the signs have already been installed."
A report prepared by council planning staff said: "The fascia signs are relatively large, but due to the large scale of the existing building, are not out of scale or overly dominant in the street scene, particularly as the building is set a significant distance back from the public highway.
"The totem sign is located on the site frontage, but is a relatively simple design, and as there is only one sign proposed in this location, it is not considered to be out of character with the area.
"It is reasonable to expect that a business of this nature would require adverts to announce its presence in the area, and the level of signage proposed is considered to be commensurate with the size and scale of the existing
use, and does not detract from the character or appearance of the area."
Unconditional advertisement consent was subsequently granted.

National retailer DFS -  also written as dfs - offers a wide range of goods, including sofas, recliners and sofa beds. The local outlet, which has extensive parking, is known as DFS Brigg.

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