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Brigg could soon have a new community venue, suitable for a range of events and functions including musical gigs and concerts.
Wednesday (September 12) saw an evening launch for the Our Place in Time project at Sir John Nelthorpe School which, in  partnership with North Lincolnshire Council, is planning to redevelop its existing music and drama suite for community use as The Brigg Arts & Culture Centre.
The aim is to provide something new for the town, rather than competing with existing venues.
The entrance area through the main door off Grammmar School Road (dating back to 1878) will also be re-modelled.
Headteacher Rob Biglands told guests at the launch that money now needs to be raised.
Brigg's Coun Rob Waltham, the leader of North Lincolnshire Council, indicated that the local education authority could provide £100k towards the total cost of £420,000.
But that still leaves a considerable sum to be found. So local businesses and former pupils are being asked to contribute.
This can be done by direct contributions, sponsoring facilities, resources and events, or volunteering  time to assist at the centre.
The timing of the project is significant. For 2019 will see the 350th anniversary of the original school (Brigg Grammar) being founded through a generous bequest in Sir John Nelthorpe's 1669 will, and the 100th anniversary of the Girls' High School, which started in 1919.
The Sir John Nelthorpe comprehensive launched in 1976.
Rob Biglands stressed the aim of the project was to further links with the community.
He revealed that vertical concertina seating was planned for 88 people. With the addition of chairs, this would mean seating for 150.
"That's a big venue for this area," he stressed, adding that the facility would be available for hire at competitive prices.
Coun Rob Waltham, a former pupil of the school, said he and fellow Brigg & Wolds representatives Couns Carl and Nigel Sherwood, were supporting the scheme.
With £100k from the council to meet the overall target, he expressed confidence in the remainder being raised for what he called a great asset for the community.
"I know we can do that," he said.
Accompanying the official launch session led by the headteacher and the council leader was an interesting exhibition in the original school building (some pictured below), with screening of a nostalgic film depicting life at the grammar school in the late 1960s. Brigg Blog spotted some pupils on sports day who still live locally.
Also on show were pictures from the past showing pupils of the grammar and high schools long ago, and some of the classrooms in which they studied.
Brigg Blog asked about a licensed bar being  made available for events at the new venue, if requested by the organisers, and was told this would be possible.
The school's target is £420,000, of which it has already secured at least £100k, with another £100k potentially identified through a variety of funding and grant bodies.
The headteacher says: "Please support our campaign and make a difference for now and for the future. Together we can mark 2019 as Our Place in Time, in the history of the school."
If you feel able to assist, call the school on 01652 656551 or email

Read more about the project here...

PICTURED ABOVE: The current drama hall at Sir John Nelthorpe School.

Headteacher Rob Biglands and Coun Rob Waltham listening to a musical rendition by pupils at the launch.
Some of the guests at the Our Place in Time launch during the speeches.
Touring the exhibition in the original 17th century part of the school. The distinctive stained glass windows were added as part of a project in the 1990s.

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Ken Harrison said...

Brigg is certainly lacking a venue a community art/theatre venue.
I recall when the Sun's drama study opened in the late 1980's and I think it's first production was Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of daughter played one of the Three Little Maids.
Before that to me, the school used to have regular school productions, which attracted large audiences.
In the early 1990's, one of the aims of the Brigg Town Iniatuve was the creation of a venue for a theatre and community centre...but it never came to fruition.