Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Great interest is being shown in North Lincolnshire Council's plan to add parking restrictions at one location in Brigg and remove yellow lines elsewhere in the town.
Brigg Blog's first mention of this received well over 2,000 page views!
At its latest meeting on Monday night (September 24) Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee discussed the plans to impose restrictions on part of Dudley Road but remove some of the yellow lines on Forrester Street.
Dudley Road, pictured above, is home to a busy Brigg   dental surgery, with patients arriving and seeking somewhere to park.
Coun Chris Dyson suggested "It must be a nightmare if you live there."
Committee chairman Coun Mike Storey proposed they should ask North Lincolnshire Council to create a parking space on Dudley Road to be reserved specifically for disabled drivers.
The North Lincolnshire authority's proposals are:
Dudley Road: Additional No Waiting at Any Time restriction near the junction with Barnard Avenue.
Forrester Street: Revoke the No Waiting at Any Time restriction outside "the new houses."
Dudley Road dental patients' nearest public parking options are Grammar School Road South (limited space available) or the town's main Old Courts Road car park.

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Ken Harrison said...

Why the severe, 'No Waiting at Anytime'...when a single yellow line would suffice (during office hours) as the dental surgery is only open during the day.
This would ease the restriction on residents who may have visitors during the evenings/weekends.