Sunday, September 23, 2018


The Campaign to Protect Rural England has assigned a bronze award to Brigg in the Small Town Category of the Best Kept Village competition, and the town has also won the Best Playground accolade.
Our town, with its decorative flowers from Brigg in Bloom 2018, finished joint third.
Further details are expected to be revealed during Brigg Town Council's meeting in the Angel Suite tomorrow (Monday, September 24) starting at 7.15pm.
Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting which has a lengthy agenda, including four applications for grants, an update on the Brigg in Bloom initiative and a request for further CCTV coverage in the town.


1. To Receive Apologies and to Approve Reasons for Absence.

2. a) To Consider the suspension of the Meeting for the Purpose of Prayer.
b) To Resolve that Standing Orders be reinstated

 3.    a)  To Record any Declarations of Interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items listed below.  Members declaring interests should identify the Agenda Item and the type of interest being declared.
    b)  To note any dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the Agenda Items listed below.

4.    Police Matters  

5.     To receive any correspondence (for information only).

6.    To receive the update on any outstanding issues from the clerk.

7.    Public Question Time

8.    To Receive any Questions from Members.

9.    To Receive a report from the North Lincolnshire Ward Councillors.

i. To approve the minutes of Full Council,  Monday 23 July 2018
ii. To note the minutes of Planning Committee, Monday 23 July 2018
iii. To note the minutes of Personnel Committee,    Monday 10 September 2018

11.    To receive reports from members delegated to serve on outside bodies and working groups.

  • Masterplan and Arches
  • Millennium Green and Holocaust Memorial
  • Angel Suite Review
  • Grass Cutting and P3
  • Brigg in Bloom
  • Litter Picking Group
  • Christmas Lights Switch On
  • Young Person’ Award
  • Garden Competition
  • War Memorial Names Additions
a) To Determine the Grant Application from the Rotary Club

b) To Determine the Grant Application from the Brigg Angels W.I.

c) To Determine the Grant Application from St John’s Church

d) To Determine the Grant Application from the Brigg & District Veterans Group

13.    To Determine the funding for the staging/entertainment for the Christmas Lights Switch On

14.    To Determine a request for further CCTV coverage

15.    To Determine a request for a further Waste Bin on Atherton Way

16.    To Determine a request from residents for a seat on Bigby High Road

17.    To Determine a request from the Rotary Club to hold an Event and Plant crocus bulbs at the War Memorial on 24 October 2018 for World Polio Day, and to extend an invitation to all Councillors

18.    To consider a request from the Safer Neighbourhoods Officer to meet with the Clerk with a view to setting up an Allotment Watch, which Brigg tenants could join.

19.    To note that CPRE have awarded joint third place to Brigg in the Small Town Category of Best Kept Village, and also won Best Playground

20.    To note the offer from the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner to attend a future meeting of the Council, and consider an invitation to a meeting.

21.    To agree that the Brigg in Bloom Committee be formally separated from the Council (subject to banking and insurance arrangements being in place), and be an independent body, and that all remaining funds be transferred to the Brigg in Bloom Accounts.

a)   To Receive the following Financial Reports as at 31 July and 31 August 2018, the quarterly accounts for May – June 2018, and Approve the Accounts for Payment

b)    Notification of Conclusion of Audit

23.    In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the press and public are excluded and they are instructed to withdraw; (Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, section 1(2)).

24.    To Consider the quotes received and award the contracts for
a)    Low Amenity Grass cutting
b)    The Parish Paths (P3)

PICTURED ABOVE: Flower tubs on the County Bridge, Brigg.