Thursday, March 09, 2017


This Brigg sign, on the County Bridge, should really speak for itself, but it's disappointing to see so  many cyclists ignoring the restrictions barring them from riding through the pedestrian area, which is meant for shoppers on foot.
Cars are a similar problem, with drivers continuing to ignore the warning signs, as we've pointed out many, many times.
We saw a TV programme the other night about a hotel in London where road-users were ignoring the restrictions in place outside its frontage.
The management had a quick word with Transport For London, which sent along a warden  in uniform, to patrol the area.
The problem disappeared...immediately.
Could there be a message here for Brigg?
A few days ago we saw a group of cyclists on racing bikes, wearing full kit and helmets, ride right along Wrawby Street and over the bridge.
We also saw a bike-rider on what we are going to call an ordinary machine, wearing everyday clothes, dismount when he reached the signs pictured below and walk his cycle into the Market Place.
That's how it should be done. Others please take note.

Note the 'No Entry' markings on the road at the entrance to the Brigg town centre pedestrian area from Bridge Street. Only permit holders and vehicles loading are permitted.