Sunday, March 19, 2017


Brigg Blog took this picture early on Saturday morning at East Park.
Three people had eaten fast food takeaways the previous evening but left the cartons in the Tintab shelter before making their way home.
That's despite there being a litter bin - provided by the council - just a few yards away.
In case you were wondering, we checked and these boxes are not too large to go through the opening in the metal container.
This black bin appears to be a new one; the large green-painted one has gone.
New bin - age old problem!
Sadly, the message Keep Brigg Tidy seems to have fallen on deaf ears on this occasion.


Ken Harrison said...

Most likely eating take-away food a bin...combined with laziness....perhaps litter bins should be a conspicuous colour...?
Or enforce law which indicates that takeaway outlets have responsibility for the proper disposal of their wrappers/boxes given to customers.
A 5 quid fine for every box found...and I'm sure takeaways will increase their endeavour to keep the streets clean...

Paul said...

Used nappies greeted the people using Brigg Station on Saturday

Ken Harrison said...

Someone needs training!