Monday, March 13, 2017


It's generally easy to spot the reasons roadworks are being carried out, and by whom. But there's a current exception to this rule of thumb on the A18 near Brigg.
Many drivers heading between Wrawby and Barnetby may be wondering what's going on at the railway bridge which carries the Barnetby to Scunthorpe (via Elsham) railway line.
This is because the work is going on out of sight from the road.
Brigg Blog was held up briefly while on a CallConnect bus back from Barnetby to Brigg recently and thought we'd do a bit of digging to find the reason for the two-way traffic control.
North Lincolnshire Council is working on Wrawby Railway Bridge, undertaking infilling to side arches, beneath the roadway.
The three-month job on Melton Road is due to continue until April 28.
"Delays likely" is the advice being given to motorists. So you may wish to set off a little earlier if using the A18 to access the motorway at Barnetby Top, or if you are looking to catch a train at North Lincolnshire's main railway junction.

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