Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Brigg Town Council is now back to full strength.
There had been a vacancy for some weeks following the resignation of Coun Paul Keane.
As no call was made by the general public for an election to be held, the co-option method was used at Monday night's meeting of Brigg Town Council.
Written statements were considered by councillors from three people interested in filling the vacancy.
Voting then resulted in Chris Dyson being elected, bringing the council's membership back to 19.
Chris has served on the council previously and spent many years of his working life in a very senior role with a leading engineering company.
After signing his acceptance of the role, Coun Dyson will take his seat at the next meeting of Brigg Town Council.

ABOVE: Chris Dyson - photographed by Ken Harrison, of the Brigg Matters magazine.