Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Deputy Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall launched Brigg in Bloom during the Annual Town Meeting, held on Monday evening in the Angel Suite. And she appealed for members of the public to join and help add colour to the town.
"We first started the Brigg in Bloom in 2016," she explained. "The plan initially was to look for key areas where planting could take place and have the maximum effect on the town we live in.
"We have already ordered the equipment and our first year's blooms and the expected date for planting in the areas is the end of May/beginning of June.
"Recently we have decided that the Town Council would take on other bedding areas in the town. These were previously planted by North Lincolnshire Council.
"There will still be two areas in the town that will continued to be planted by North Lincs and the group have negotiated the same colour planting scheme.
"At the moment, Brigg Town Council have helped fund this initiative with an added grant scheme from North Lincolnshire Council. However, in the future, we would hope that, like in other towns, Brigg in Bloom can become self-funding.
"Tonight I would like to reach out to our town and community and ask for their support to join a Green Team who could help with planting and general maintenance of the areas within the town.
"It would be fantastic is local businesses would consider sponsoring beds and planters around the town. Prices will be based on plants used, so if anyone would like to sponsor areas and planters, please leave your details and once we have this information we will notify you.
"In the next month we are looking to hold a competition for a Brigg in Bloom logo and hope that the pupils from the primary and secondary schools will enter so that they, too, can be part of this exciting venture.
"We have also entered East Midlands in Bloom and CPRE, in the hope that the town could win awards for your hard work."

NF ADDS: People interested in joining the team can contact the Town Council for further information. Either call at the office in the Angel Suite, or complete the form available through this link or askTown Councillors for further information.

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