Tuesday, March 14, 2017



We are delighted to report our success in obtaining grant aid towards new facilities for under 5s in the Heritage Centre.
Our intentions are to provide a four seasons tent in Gallery 2, giving people the opportunity to learn and discover new and exciting facts about our four seasons and how they link to historical activities taking place in Brigg.
Spring will link to Brigg's famous Music and Drama Festival. 
Using our hedgehog mascot “Hettie” as a constant resident of the tent, we will show you how the town and its natural residents change in character during each season. 
Springtime brings new growth around us, music to our ears plus poetry and drama from festival children. 
Come and experience all this in Hettie’s new home, the under 5s tent.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter will see the activity tent and its’ contents change and the excitement of finding out how, will encourage families to come again and again.
We will also have for hire a choice of four exciting backpacks for older children to carry around the centre during their visit. The packs will help them to explore and learn about history through the ages, from Stone-Age to Medieval times plus the origins of myths and legends.
We hope backpack activities will keep them busy and teach them lots of new things as they investigate on their journey around the centre with Mum and Dad or Grandma and Grandad, making the adult visit more enjoyable too.
There will be lots of activities to entertain and educate youngsters on those grey, rainy days and through the school holidays. Try performing your own historical puppet show in our new puppet theatre.
Included in our adventure will be an improved experience for new Mums and Dads, a refreshed and welcoming changing facility plus a designated zone for baby feeding to make your day out a little easier to manage.     
The new experience will be assembled as soon as possible so please keep your eyes open for press releases and our posters.
Here at the Heritage Centre we would really appreciate your feedback on our plans and ideas.

  • How do you feel about our ideas?
  • Would you find these changes useful to your family?
  • Will the new Under 5s area affect the number of times you might decide to visit the Heritage Centre?
  • Any other comments?

We hope to have the area up and running as soon as possible so please keep a look-out for our advertising and press releases.
To pass your comment, please find us on Facebook and Twitter. Ring 01724 296771.
E-mail briggheritage.centre@northlincs.com
We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you when our Under 5s zone is completed.

NF ADDS: Brigg Heritage Centre is housed in the Angel building, in the town centre. Our thanks go to Chris Robinson, Trustee and children’s activity co-ordinator, for forwarding the above information. We called at a stand they had on a recent market day in Brigg and requested further information about the youth project.

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