Saturday, March 11, 2017


If someone stopped you in Brigg and asked for directions to Scholars Walk, would you be able to assist them?
This is one of the town's newest streets and contains houses built on the site occupied, from 1960, by the Ancholme Inn, off Grammar School Road, whose demise and eventual demolition was sad for many people living in our town who enjoyed attending varied events during its prime. 
However, some nice homes have been built on the site.
The very spacious pub car park backed onto the infants' part of Glebe Road School. So perhaps that explains the choice of street name. The Vale Academy and sports hall are not far away, either.
Please note that we've used the spelling on the official street signs - minus the possessive apostrophe.

Scholars Walk in Brigg - off Grammar School Road.

Below: some pictures of the Ancholme Inn just prior to closure and during demolition.  Ah, yes, I remember it well.

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