Sunday, March 12, 2017


There's been a street light "out" halfway down St Helen's Road in Brigg for five or six weeks. Possibly longer.
Is there any chance that someone in authority might detail a repair?
We took these pictures late last night (Saturday) on our way home after visiting a couple of Brigg town centre hostelries.
Even allowing for the intake of alcohol, you have to mind your step when traversing this dark corner of the town.
Perhaps the required repair is waiting in a long queue, as North Lincolnshire Council has hundreds of lights between Haxey and Goxhill to keep in working order.
We should be thankful, however, that our local authority gives priority to street lighting.
In other parts of the country, some councils are switching them off in  rural locations to save money.
The unlit section of St Helen's Road, Brigg

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Friends of the Brigg Line said...

If the fault is an electric cable belonging to Northern Power than it can take up to 28 working days to repair.