Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Brigg businesses are always looking to find additional ways to generate revenue.
At the Monument car wash the other day we saw an expensive-looking cycle being given a really thorough hose down.
The powerful jet-washer was just the thing to remove the grime accumulated by riding on winter roads - "salted" or otherwise.
We glanced at the scale of prices on the nearby wall sign but couldn't see the charge for bike cleaning.
There are many lycra-clad cycle riders about in Brigg at weekends, along with others astride non-racing machines. So clearly there's considerable potential for the wash & go market to bring in a few extra quid.
Water-related as it is, we suggest the phrase revenue stream!

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Ken Harrison said...

....soak-spoke & go............hub-tub-scrub.....jet-wheels ...wheelie-wash......the wash-cycle...