Sunday, February 05, 2017


Piles of bricks, a slept-in bed and a corrugated panel rescued from a riverside building are all classed as art these days. So can Brigg Blog nominate the above for inclusion?
The interestingly-arranged pile of leaves is the work of Mother Nature and appeared on Bigby Street early yesterday morning (Saturday) during a spell of squally rain. 
Bigby Street is not tree-lined so we can only assume that the wind transported these leaves some distance to their final resting place near St John's Church.
There's much interest in urban art at the moment, prompted by Hull - The City of Culture - putting Dead Bod on show in a gallery.
On the side of an old building in the estuary, a mariner who worked on the River Humber painted a simple tribute to a bird he'd tried unsuccessfuly to save.  It became a familiar landmark for trawlermen passing by on their boats.  Dead Bod even became a navigational location.
The Hull Daily Mail, on whose staff we worked from 1980 to 1984 and more recently on a freelance basis over several years, has an interesting article which mentions Dead Bod alongside world famous street artist Banksy. VIEW THE ARTICLE HERE...

Brigg Blog has previously suggested  there are many more leaves around on various town streets than in past years.  They are still lingering months after autumn ended.
This scene, we feel, rather helps to reinforce the point made some weeks ago.
Former Brigg Grammar School pupils may remember the old art room, on the other side of Grammar School Road from what's now the Sir John Nelthorpe Upper School.
The BGS art room was heated by a stove in the late 1960s/early 1970s. Bohemian, we think is the descriptive term for the place.. 
Although a run-down building  later to be demolished, there was nothing inexpensive about the materials being used inside it during our time as a pupil.
The specific paints (in tubes) that parents had to buy did not come cheap! No pun relating to Dead Bod intended!

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