Saturday, September 14, 2019


Perhaps the long-running problem of drivers who bring vehicles into the pedestrian area in Brigg town centre without valid reason might be resolved by a new law.
Our eye was caught by a recent national newspaper report headlined 'Parking on the pavement could face nationwide ban.'
The Transport Committee in the House of Commons is now urging the government to ban parking on pavements, it explained.
This important committee wants to see a law phased in across England, with councils handed powers to penalise offenders.
Damage to pavements caused by vehicles is among the reasons given for this ban.
Brigg Blog has previously posted pictures of damaged paving within Brigg town centre, and has carried many reports, over many years, highlighting the lack of action taken against drivers who flout the regulations introduced in the mid-1990s when our pedestrian zone was introduced.
Most days you can see drivers ignoring the signs (example pictured above) stating that loading is the only reason vehicles are permitted within the pedestrian area.
Note that the Transport Committee is suggesting powers should be given to councils, rather than the police, to tackle pavement parking.
There's no bigger pavement in Brigg than the pedestrian area, stretching from the County Bridge, through the Market Place and covering much of Wrawby Street.
CCTV cameras scan the vast majority of the pedestrian area and perhaps the entire zone. So it shouldn't be too difficult to spot offending vehicles if the council parking wardens are not about.
In the era of Humberside County Council the rules governing the pedestrian area were drawn up for a very good reason - to ensure that shoppers could enjoy their visits to Brigg town centre without the need to walk round parked vehicles or even step aside to make way for those being driven through the zone.