Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hundreds of people living in Brigg today attended the old County Primary School on Glebe Road, which educated youngsters from 1929 until 12 years ago when it was replaced by the 'new build' on Atherton Way.
Those of us who are ex-pupils still have many memories of the old school.
The other day we found our copy of the book that long-serving teacher John Holland wrote some years ago, covering the period 1963-1996 when he was on the staff.
John was the official school photographer and used many images he took to illustrate this impressive and locally important book.
We reviewed it on Brigg Blog in autumn 2010.
John still lives in Brigg - not far from us - and among his achievements was introducing many youngsters to the game of cricket down at The Rec. Many thanks for that!
We are uploading this post on a Saturday because John's book recalls it was a Saturday when Glebe Road School opened its doors for the final time.
That was on January 20, 2007 so former pupils could take a last look and reminisce. The new school opened that month.
John went to Brigg County Primary himself, moved on to Brigg Grammar, left to do his college training and returned as a teacher at Glebe Road in 1963.
In our review in 2010 we said John's keen interest in taking pictures down the years  made possible this delightful book, which reads like a Who’s Who of Brigg people and families.
"Turn page after page and you see the young faces of today’s adults," we stressed.
"There are pictures of pupils in class, on school trips, taking part in sports and enjoying the swimming pool."
Glebe Road School had only three headmasters - Reg Stocks, Brian Wass and Steve Pearce - over a 50-year period.
We belonged to Reg's era in the 1960s.
John concluded his book by mentioning the demolition of the school buildings and the creation of a housing development on the site.

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